Blink - The power and process of intuitive thinking

Absolutely worth the read. Spend the time learning why you should trust your gut.

Absolutely worth the read. Spend the time learning why you should trust your gut.

You knew it.

You knew it from the moment the question was presented to you. But you doubted it, and you looked for more information. You asked around and searched Google and Youtube and taking all this in you were squarely located in the “I have no damn clue” portion of this continuum. So what do you do? You take the conservative approach of “nope” I’ll just do what I’ve always done. Contrary to your initial feeling.

Blink provides you insight into why your inner voice is so accurate and why you need to be mindful of over-analysis. The cases that Gladwell unpacks provide excellent examples of how and why intuition works as well as why it isn’t suitable for all situations.

I am not a book review kind of guy, but I will say that this will provide you some tools that you definitely add to your decision-making continuum.

30 days at sea time lapse

Not sure why I liked this video so much but the visual analogy it burned in my mind was powerful.  

In life we receive, live or tell stories about experiences. And while the receipt or telling of a story are locked together living the experience varies wildly. A moment that lasts for 15 seconds can take two hours to recount and a 30 day trip like this unfolds in 10 minutes. 


Long and short of it I have a lot of stories and moments that I need to tell. I guess I need to make time to tell them. I guess my fear is will anyone listen. 

The Mechanic

So I went to get a check engine Light looked at during lunch...and the mechanics ate my wallet.  I am about to apply to a technical school and learn how to do this myself. 

Expanding on that thought, I feel like there is a EV mechanic/tuning/service movement that is on the precipice of breaking. If Tesla service got smart that would embrace third party repairs and extend a hand to old school wrenches and blend their knowledge with the coder types that are “building” EVs. 

Runnin’ through the 6


I had the chance to spend some time in Toronto. My fraternity’s regional convention. The city has always been a quick vacation from Detroit and it has always been one of my favorite cities. 


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Some of my favorite guys got together and had a powerful conversation about real issues. It was like group therapy meets supper club. We’ll definitely have to do it again.