I’m just a little...particular


Where do I start. 

I am particular. 

I fully admit this about myself.  

But my being particular is probably best for everyone. 

It keeps me from being too involved in people or situations that I know I want to change but desire to remain then same. And I can respect that. Rather than oppose one another I’ve learned to coexist with out engaging or expending too much energy. 

Florida never disappoints


I was in Florida for about 24 hrs and I have to say it’s was interesting. I love south Florida and I always have an interesting story when I’m here. This trip definitely didn’t disappoint.

The flight down was great. My fellow travelers, well, they wanted to make things Interesting. I had a row to myself but an older lady across the row managed to get drunk pop her dentures out and kick them two rows behind her. 

She then proceeded spill a Tito’s and tonic in the dog sitting  under her seat which set the lady sittig behind her into hysterics.  

And as I’m taking it all in wondering why it was going on I had to remember....Florida.  

Just out here tryin’ to function

A message to venues, support staff, managers and the like 


Be organized, be on time and most importantly do your job. 

I went out to support my personal JP’s album release and while his show was dope. Its what happened before that. 

Artists take months to craft a product that they want to share and its the final mile that can set the tone for an audience. A bad experience in the moments before a show can switch the energy of a crowd and make it  very difficult for an artist to make a connection. So on the off chance a venue owner or stage manager reads this let me be clear. #jdydj