Time is a finite commodity. The tricky part is you don’t know how much you’re given. Every single day we all, no matter how focused we attempt to be lose time to BS. Be it people, situations, or procrastination. Some how it got tricked off (squandered for those not operating within the lexicon) and now its lost. The great thing is that once you become aware of this waste you effectively create a bank of time. 

Now here is the difficult part. 

You have to re-engineer the use of that time. Can you do less of “this”, there by allowing you to do more of “that”?  without a doubt there is a yes in there but it involves for some highly functioning types a tough compromise. That compromise though can allow you to break out a routine/rut and begin to expand and diversify your experience and successes.

”Ok so what makes you an expert?” Great question. At my core I am a world class procrastinator. I’m talking Olympic level. But I am also extremely competitive. The only way that I found to continue to be able to compeat was to work harder and that extra work took time. I would complain about it being 2:00 when I wrapped a day up but upon reflection I was wasting my morning engaging in long, circuitous meeting and conversations. Shortening those meetings and asking for/expecting your circle to rise to your level (another post for another day) and beyond helped to speed up things and allow for more time on the back end. 

The summation here is pretty simple. Take your time back and then truly use it.