Ideas and Opportunities

I tend to have a couple of different things in am trying to put together, and I always forget to share them. Only child syndrome I guess, but I am working on it. Sometimes it’s a personal project, a request from a friend, a company that is looking for talent, or any number of precursors to a good story. If something looks interesting, send me a message, and let's see if we can help each other.

Project car

For the longest I’ve been looking for a fun car. Anything from classic American muscle (Mustang, Camaro, Olds, etc.) to a German brute in a suit (M5 or E55/63)

Wish list

  • Black

  • Fast

  • Fun

  • Southern origin (buying painted rust is not an option)

  • The basics should be sorted but it does not have to be a trailer queen I want to drive it without worrying about it.

Podcast guest host

Have a lot to say and I am still working on the best way to get it all out. In the past I’ve been fortunate to work with folks that not only pushed my thinking but allowed me to share a bit about what I know. I’d love to get back to that on a more consistent basis

  • Live, Skype or phone patch

  • Happy to talk about any topic but music, creativity, culture and the ad industry are strengths

  • Set times aren’t important but good conversations are. Give me a shout and let see what happens

Video Editor

Looking for an editor to help stich together a potential vlog series.

  • Local is best but remote is a possibitliy with a strong and doumented work flow.

  • Share a link to your reel or site

  • Have diverse styles - I respect a signature look but even the dopest cuts begin to get old.

I am looking for partners to take a stake in an earliy funding round for a yet to be produced film. The opportuinty presented itself to me 8/30 and I am still in the process of gathering details. That said I have seen an early treatment and the cast si promising. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity. Use the Reach out form below to set up a call to learn more..

Particulars to date:

  • 10K minimum investment in a partnered stake

  • 100K direct investment for an individual stake

  • Currently in discussion about terms, credits and return window and timing

Film Funding

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