Ideas and Opportunities

I tend to have a couple of different things in am trying to put together and I always forget to share them. Only child syndrome I guess but I am working on it. Sometimes it’s a personal project, a request from a friend, a company that maybe looking for talent, or any number of precursors to a good story. If something looks interesting send me a message and lets see if we can help each other.

Project car

For the longest I’ve been looking for a fun car. Anything from Classic American muscle (Mustang, Camero, Olds, etc.) to a german brute in a suite (M5 or E55/63)


Wish list

  • Black

  • Fast

  • Fun

  • Southern origin (buying painted rust is not an option)

  • The basics should be sorted but it does not have to be trailer queen status.

Graphic Designer

My imagination far exceeds my photoshop skills. I’d like to find a Detroit based designer that I could partner with to help convert sketches and concepts to print ready art.



  • Professional in practice - You don’t have to have graduated from SCAD but you do need to take your craft seriously.

  • Invoicing - I need to keep track of things for Uncle Sam so I need you to be able to generate an invoice and get paid on the books.

  • Open to revenue share on certain projects. - This won’t be every time but when we agree that the work and the opportunity right you’re open to the idea.


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